[Twitter] Not Found error / No longer posting

You were posting every track played and now posts have stopped appearing on your twitter feed?
Or does your error log report Not Found error all the time?

Usually that means you were disabled for trying to post the same thing too often in a row.
This is typically caused by a misconfiguration where you set the posting interval to 0 tracks/minutes instead of 1 track/minute between two posts.

We can no longer tolerate that misconfiguration as it's causing unneccessarily high traffic and processor usage on the server and interferes with other applications running there.
As we idenitified a total of about 150 different misconfigured accounts we can't inform everyone personally.
Instead we just disabled all misconfigured accounts for the time being.

In order to restore your account you have 2 options:
#1 Self-Service: Simply sign in to the website again and redo all your configuration. Make sure to set a sensible value for the posting interval. 0 is only a good idea if you're going to modify the PAL script by hand!
#2 Contact support. We'll restore your account with all your stored information. However you still need to sign in to the website and download a new PAL or you will be disabled again very soon.

This service is provided for free, but our resources aren't free at all, so please keep an eye out on how you treat our server or we might need to shut this service down completely.

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